Link to Aquarium Board

Dr. Nigella Hillgarth
President and Chief Executive Officer

P. Eric Krauss
Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Vice Presidents
Scott Kraus, Ph.D. - Research

Ann Perry - Human Resources
Mark Smith - Animal Care
William Spitzer, Ph.D. - Planning, Programs and Exhibits
David Whalen - Development
Jane Wolfson - Marketing and Communications


John Anderson - Education

Deborah Bobek, Ph.D. - Visitor Experience
Debra Borgwardt - Group and Event Sales

Teri Davidson - Marketing
Christopher Fernald - Facilities
Holli Flaherty - Special Projects and Fundraising Events
Mark Henderson - IMAX Theatre
Charles J. Innis, VMD - Animal Health
Meghan Jeans - Conservation
Justin Kelly - Development Systems
Matthew King - Food Service
Lace Garland - Volunteers and Internships
Deborah Kulich - Membership and Annual Fund
Tony LaCasse - Media Relations
Robert Loyot - Information Technology
Amy MacKinnon - Editorial
John Mandelman - Research
Diane O'Donnell - Compensation, Benefits and HRIS
Megan Riley - Creative
Tania Taranovski - Sustainable Seafood Program
Rebecca Thibault - Foundation and Corporate Giving
Michael Tlusty, Ph.D. - Ocean Sustainability Science
Tricia Wong - Finance