The winning name is AEWA!

AEWA stands for African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement. This agreement protects 255 species of birds including the African penguin in their migratory paths.

This name was submitted by Hilary H. from Cambridge, Massachuetts.

About the Contest

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Contest Dates

  • Submissions open: Thursday, August 4
  • Submissions close: Monday, August 8
  • Winner announced: Wednesday, August 10

Members are invited to submit their names for one of the Aquarium's newly hatched African penguin chicks! Aquarium biologists will choose their favorite name as the winner. In the event that the winning name is submitted by multiple people, the first person to submit the name will win. Contest closes at 5:00 p.m. on August 8, so enter today!

Penguin Chick Naming Tips

The penguin chick needs a name that teaches visitors something about African penguins. For example, here are the names of some of some African penguins at the Aquarium.

  • Pilchard—He is named after a species of small schooling fish that are a main food source for African penguins. This name was the winner of our last penguin chick naming contest. Read more about Pilchard.
  • Pip—He is named after the lengthy process that penguin chicks go through to break out of their shell: pipping. Read more about penguin breeding.
  • Sanccob—He is named after the South African National Foundation for Conservation of Coastal Birds (SAANCOB), a penguin conservation organization. Visit their website.
  • Roast Beef and Plum Pudding—These African penguin brothers are named after breeding islands off the coast of Namibia. Sailors named the islands after food because they were hungry. Read more.
  • Pikkewynne—He is named after the word for penguin in Afrikaans, a language spoken in South Africa. Learn more words in Afrikaans.
  • Robben II—She is named after Robben Island, which is home to the world’s third largest African penguin breeding colony. Read more.

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