Leu has a unique mottled coat that

doesn't hold as much heat as a normally thick fur seal coat.

Fortunately, staying warm won't be a problem for him

now that he's here at the Aquarium.


Click play to see Leu starting to get used to

the Aquarium. He's still behind the scenes, but

the trainers make sure he gets plenty of attention.

Meet Leu, the rescued fur seal pup


Thank you to everyone who submitted names during our successful naming contest. We had over 1500 fantastic submissions! After much deliberation, our trainers decided on the name Leu (pronounced "Lou") because it refers the Aleutian Islands. Northern fur seals can be found along this island chain that sweeps off the south western part of Alaska.


Congratulations to Tracy for submitting the winning name last Thursday!


Our new fur seal pup Leu continues to eat well and get to know his trainers here at the New England Aquarium. It's hard to imagine that not too long ago he was rescued from a California beach, underweight, blind in one eye and with a mottled coat that cannot keep him warm in cold ocean waters. Now he has a new home with us at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center!







Thanks to everyone who submitted a name during our contest.