The Giant Ocean Tank holds more than 200,000 gallons of water, and all of it is filtered every 90 minutes. Pumps in the basement push the water from the exhibit to massive filters on the fifth floor.

Myrtle, the Aquarium’s green sea turtle, weighed in at 560 pounds at her last checkup. It took several divers and volunteers to maneuver her onto the specially designed scale.

Aquarium staff and volunteer divers spend most of their time underwater. They dive five times every day to feed and observe the animals, vacuum the sand and clean the windows and coral.

Food for many of the Giant Ocean Tank inhabitants is readied in the stainless steel-clad food prep room.
Myrtle gets shrimp and squid every day, but her favorite foods are romaine lettuce and brussels sprouts. The porcupinefish love crabs. All the animals in the tank are hand-fed carefully prepared foods.

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