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The New England Aquarium has bred, hatched and raised over 80 penguins since 1969. Some of the Aquarium’s penguins lay eggs every spring. The eggs are generally left with their parents to be raised but on rare occasions with new parents or a sickly chick penguin staff sometimes must intervene and hand raise chicks.


The New England Aquarium’s Animal Ambassador Program brings penguins and tidepool touch tanks to regional schools and community centers.

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The Aquarium’s penguins eat about 40 total pounds of herring, smelt, anchovies, capelin and sardines every day. Aquarium veterinarians give every penguin an annual check-up to ensure that each bird is healthy.

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Penguins poop a lot. Aquarium staff and volunteers spend hours every day scrubbing poop, feathers and other detritus off the rock islands in the exhibit.