The Aquarium has completed a renovation that has renewed its main building to the core, and the iconic Giant Ocean Tank has undergone a top-to-bottom, 21st-century transformation. Watch the entire transformation unfold in this time-lapse video. Today the new exhibit has more than 1,000 animals, a revitalized coral reef and new exhibit spaces at the top. Learn more about all the changes in the New Aquarium Experience.

At its deepest point, the Giant Ocean Tank goes down 26 feet, it is 40 feet wide and holds 200,000 gallons of salt water. The water is heated to between 72° and 75° F, which is a perfect temperature range for this tropical exhibit. This exhibit is so big that it was built first, and then the rest of the Aquarium was built around it.

Visit to learn even more during live presentations at the top of the tank!