Come to the New England Aquarium this summer and learn all about those beloved birds that fly underwater—penguins! There are more than 80 birds and three different species in our colony. With their signature waddles and festive attire, it's amazing to watch them bound around their island territories and rocket through the water of their 150,000-gallon exhibit.

But just wait until you learn their secrets. We have just what you need to become a penguinologist this summer! Here are two questions to get you started on your journey to explore the secret world of penguins. Peek into the hidden burrows where they care for their young. See all the tricks they have up their feathers.

Mystery #1: Do penguins have ears?

Yes! They are hidden under their feathers. Penguins have great hearing above and below the water.

Mystery #2: Do penguins sneeze?

Yes! Penguins can drink salt water, but the salt is removed from their bloodstream by a salt gland behind the eyes. Then they sneeze out the salt!


Ready for more?

Bring the family and be prepared for an adventure! The fun starts as soon as you enter the Aquarium. You'll receive a special Penguinology Adventure Guide with a series of informational pages that present a mysterious fact about penguins. Each page is soaked with fascinating tidbits about these animals. Plus, there's a mystery to be solved at the decoder stations tucked away throughout the Aquarium. The stations have a special light that makes the answer appear on the guide page before your eyes!


Penguin chick season will also be in full swing when you visit this summer. The Blue Planet Action Center will feature regular daily presentations where you'll be able to connect with the people in charge of caring for the chicks and their doting parents behind the scenes.


There are more than 80 penguins waiting to inspire your love of the blue planet like never before. Come learn about these amazing birds and discover how we can work together to help them survive in a changing world. Your next trip to the Aquarium will transform you into a penguinologist—one of penguins' many allies. Let the adventure begin!