Seals & Sea Lions at Play
Watch these Aquarium stars as they rocket
through their new outdoor exhibit
Isaac stands out among our Northern fur seals because of his hefty size and the wild mohawk on his head. His favorite activities are porpoising and speed swimming. You'll never guess how he got his name!
Female fur seals are much smaller than the males, but she has a big voice. She is best known for her vocalizations that sound a lot like a man’s loud yell! Check out how she likes to interact with the public.
This California sea lion was rescued from the wild. Now Zoe is always up to something in her new home at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. Zoe's constant companion is Sierra. Read about them here.
Come and play along with the seals and sea lions!
Try to observe behaviors like porpoising or grooming
SSLP guide

Come out and play

Come see all the seals and sea lions at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center! This summer, visitors get a Seals and Sea Lions at Play guide with a fun behavior game.

Get in on the action

You can also learn about all our seals and sea lions—including our newest fur seal pup, Leu—on the Trainers Blog.