Get ready to be wrapped up in Tentacles! Look for the giant Pacific octopus in its brand new exhibit and watch its cuttlefish cousins change colors before your eyes. From petite red octopuses to graceful sea jellies, dive into the dazzling diversity of these mysterious ocean animals as Tentacles take hold at the New England Aquarium!


Tentacles Highlights

Giant Pacific Octopus

Common Cuttlefish

Chambered Nautilus

Pacific Sea Nettle

New! Olympic Coast Exhibit


Other Aquarium Animals

In addition to all the tentacled animals at the Aquarium, there are thousands of other aquatic animals to visit at the Aquarium. From the fearsome lionfish to the delicate leafy seadragons, lumbering green sea turtle and spry California sea lions in action, here are a few of the animals that await you at the New England Aquarium.

Cownose Ray

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Northern Fur Seal button
Little Blue Penguin

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle



More Exhibits


Peng Exh Button

Harbor Seal Exhibit
Atlantic Harbor Seals

Yawkey Coral Reef Center

The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank

Edge of the Sea
Edge of the Sea

Sea Turtle Hospital

Marine Mammal Center
New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center

Blue Planet Action Center
Seadragon Exh Button

GOT Button
Giant Ocean Tank

Reef Exh Button
Pacific Reef Community
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Amazon Rainforest
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Gulf of Maine