at the aquarium - July 4, 2018
Best Vacation Visit Ever

School vacation is here, and the world is your oyster. Plunge into a day full of family fun in Boston at the New England Aquarium! ...

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at the aquarium - June 27, 2018
Why Volunteer or Intern with the Marine Mammal Trainers?

Find out why our volunteer and internship program is a great opportunity for almost anyone—and you don't have to take our word for it. ...

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at the aquarium - June 11, 2018
World Oceans Day 2018 Was a Day of Discovery

Thousands of visitors celebrated our oceans with us here at the New England Aquarium on Central Wharf for World Oceans Day 2018. There were lots of fun activities to help you learn about our blue...

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at the aquarium - May 7, 2018
Right Whale Festival 2018

You could dress up like a North Atlantic right whale. Learn about ways to keep the oceans clean. See what a right whale sees. And draw about what you learned. These were some of the many activities...

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at the aquarium - March 26, 2018
Aquarium Names New President and CEO

We are pleased to announce that Vikki Spruill, current leader of the Council on Foundations and former head of Ocean Conservancy, has been appointed New England Aquarium President and CEO. ...

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at the aquarium - March 15, 2018
Join Us at the 2018 Right Whale Festival

The New England Right Whale Festival is an opportunity to learn from local scientists, researchers, and educators about the efforts taking place in our backyard to protect the highly endangered...

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at the aquarium - March 3, 2018
Weathering the Nor’easter

A nor'easter walloped New England with powerful gusts, fierce rain, and floods. Those floods were definitely a sight on Central Wharf. Take a look. ...

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at the aquarium - January 6, 2018
The Blue Lobster Lives!

Despite blizzard, flood, and gale-force winds, our ice sculpture thrives in the worst of winter weather! ...

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aquarium animals - January 5, 2018
Snow Day at the Aquarium

The East Coast weathered quite a storm yesterday, but we had a crew on hand to make sure the animals were all well-fed and comfy. ...

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at the aquarium - December 26, 2017
Giant Blue Lobster is a Quite a Catch

Boston's first ice sculpture of the holiday season, a 10-foot giant blue lobster, made its debut Tuesday afternoon at the New England Aquarium. ...

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aquarium animals - November 2, 2017
Baby Shark!

Do sharks lay eggs or give live birth? How does a shark egg develop? Read on to learn more about the amazing reproductive strategies of these charismatic fish, and see a selection of pictures from...

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at the aquarium - September 14, 2017
Free Lecture Series Focuses on Climate Change

Our free lecture series, which is focused this year on climate change, begins tonight at the Simons IMAX® Theatre with “Extreme Events and Climate Change: What We Know and What We Can Do,”...

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aquarium animals - September 5, 2017
Dermal Denticles!

Why does a shark's skin feel like sandpaper? Do these animals have scales like a fish, or is there something else on the outside of their body? ...

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at the aquarium - July 15, 2017
International Women’s Dive Day

Women SCUBA dive in every department here at the New England Aquarium, as both staff and volunteers, in order to help take care of our animals. We would like to recognize their contributions. ...

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at the aquarium - June 15, 2017
Summer Shark Activities!

As you're walking through the Aquarium this summer, you're certain to encounter some of our new shark activities! Read on to find out about the fun and immersive learning opportunities created by our...

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at the aquarium - June 12, 2017
2017 Ocean Stewardship Awards

The Aquarium Education Department's Ocean Stewardship Awards are one of the ways our educators recognize teachers and schools who are working to promote an ethic of ocean conservation and who are...

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at the aquarium - June 5, 2017
World Oceans Day Offers Waves of Learning

The seventh annual World Oceans Day Festival at the New England Aquarium celebrated and connected people to the vibrant community of ocean protectors ...

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at the aquarium - May 8, 2017
Lots of Learning at Right Whale Festival

Families had a whale of a time at annual New England Right Whale Festival ...

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at the aquarium - April 26, 2017
New IMAX Film: Amazon Adventure 3D

We're launching a brand new IMAX film, and it will transport you through time and space to a moment in scientific discovery! ...

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