We can learn a lot about the health of our oceans by studying the health of marine animals. Through our Conservation Medicine and Ocean Health Program, we investigate new and emerging diseases, marine biotoxins, pollution, antibiotic resistance, acoustic pollution (ocean noise), global changes (temperature, acidification) and multiple impacts/generalized stress.

North Atlantic Right Whale Health and Reproduction

We are using innovative new research methods to conserve the North Atlantic right whale. For the first time we can accurately detect pregnancy and sexual maturity in right whales, and conclusively identify whales experiencing high levels of stress from both natural factors and human activities.

American Lobster Shell Disease

Caused by a bacterial infection in the carapace, lobster shell disease has become dramatically more common in recent years. We are investigating possible causes behind this increased infection rate and are looking for solutions. Learn more about our lobster research program.

Marine Animal Rescue Team

We rescue, rehabilitate and release stranded, injured and diseased marine animals from throughout the New England coastal region. Established in 1968, our Marine Animal Rescue Team has responded to thousands of calls to provide medical treatment for whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea turtles.