07-545-Lk Getting the initial entrance exam by vets and rescue staff.

"Wile E.Coyote"
11/11/2007 Chapin Beach
Intake Temp: 51.1 F

This turtle came to the New England Aquarium with a secondary injury to the left eye. Both eyes were swollen and there was some blood from the left. It had moderate bruising on the plastron and algae cover on the carapace. After initial exam the turtle was started on an antibiotic eye drop.

11/24/07 Update

Able to keep eyelid partially open.

11/30/07 Update

Able to keep eyelid open.

12/4/07 Update

Currently this turtle is doing very well swimming actively and eating great.

12/18/07 Update

This turtle has headed off to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to complete its rehabilitation and hopefully will be released into the warm waters there later this year.