Quid with tubes that released the
medicine he needed in his eyes

Pup #7, or Quid as he was later named, was an orphaned harbor seal pup brought to the Aquarium in the summer of 1998. His most serious health problem involved severe infections to both eyes.

Unfortunately, eye infections are notoriously difficult to treat in seals; they are very sensitive about having medicinal drops and ointments put into their eyes, and will typically clamp their eyes tight with amazing strength to avoid treatments. But without medication, infections can progress to render the eyes permanently damaged or destroyed.

In his case we were compelled to try a new technique. Instead of struggling to force open his eyes to deliver his needed medications, we worked with a veterinarian trained in ophthalmology to surgically implant small tubes underneath his eye lids, allowing us to deliver his eye drops quickly and easily. After a couple months of this therapy, his eyes were completely healed and Quid was deemed ready for release. A satellite tag attached to his back showed us that he had lots of exploring to do once back at sea.