"Quiddick" at the NEAq after being brought
to our Rehab department.

"Quiddick" heading back to the ocean!
See a larger version.

"Kiwi" a Kemp's ridley sea turtle already getting
back into the ocean. Followed by "Quiddick"


"Quiddick," a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) was brought into the Aquarium on November 11, 2004 directly from Martha's Vineyard.

This turtle presented, and was treated for, symptoms of hypothermia and dehydration. It was almost completely covered in algae and had several small lesions. After several months of rehab the turtle was sent to continue therapy at The Wood's Hole Oceanographic Aquarium before being tagged and released from Martha's Vineyard in September of 2005.

The transponder tracked Quiddick's movement until November of 2006. You can see where Quiddick went at seaturtle.org.