We are at the forefront of endangered species and conservation issues—from the South Pacific to the North Atlantic. Through our Endangered Species and Habitats Program, we have shown Amazon fishermen that habitat preservation can be profitable, helped bring the red-bellied cooter back from the brink of extinction and protected tropical coral reefs from commercial fishing pressure.

Our approach:

    • All projects are guided by sound science. This means understanding a species’ population biology and habitat use patterns, and a habitat’s basic ecosystem functions, biodiversity and services (as much as possible), as well as the potential threats to all of the above.
    • Every project is approached through collaboration with all stakeholders, including commercial and governmental interests, scientists, environmental organizations and the public.
    • We protect endangered species and habitats through market-based solutions, stakeholder initiatives, regulatory frameworks and partnerships with other organizations.
    • Every project will include an educational component at the public, stakeholder and policymaker levels. This will help develop and sustain understanding and support for our conservation efforts.
    • We will monitor species' populations and habitats while our conservation efforts are ongoing. This will allow us to determine population trends and evaluate program success.
    • The Aquarium will develop criteria for the success of these efforts, and will publicize those successes as models for other endangered species and habitats. This implies that in some cases, projects within this core area will have end dates.