Right whale sightings in the southeastern United States
From the North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog managed by the
New England Aquarium for the N.A. Right Whale Consortium.

This is the only known calving ground for the population. Occurrence is December through March with peak calving in December and January, and it is believed that no feeding takes place during this time. The area is frequented primarily by mothers, newborn calves and some juveniles, and occasionally by some adult males and non-calving adult females. More than two-thirds of the cataloged whales have been seen here at some point, although only an average of 50 animals are seen here in any given year.

This map represents 30 years of photographed sightings of right whales along the southeastern U.S. Each circle indicates a single right whale sighting.

Other Areas with Right Whales

Right whales can also be found in a concentration zone in the northeastern U.S. and Canada and may be present in other areas.