We are on the forefront of American lobster aquaculture research. Working from our research hatchery—the last year-round U.S. production facility for American lobsters—our scientists are investigating new and improved methods for raising lobsters in captive environments.

New England Aquarium Lobster Lab

We hatch, raise and breed lobsters in a small research hatchery located in our onsite laboratory. This is the last year-round production facility for American lobsters in the United States.

History of Lobster Hatcheries

Lobster hatcheries were developed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s for the purpose of restocking natural lobster stocks and closing the loop on the lobster life cycle. Today, the New England Aquarium maintains the only year-round production facility for the American lobster in the United States.

History of the Commercial Lobster Fishery

People have been trapping and eating the American lobster in New England and Canada since the mid-1800s, if not earlier. Today, the commercial lobster fishery generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and is the most valuable fishery along the Atlantic coast of the U.S. and Canada.

Historic American Lobster Illustrations

This online gallery contains a digitally restored sampling of Francis Hobart Herrick's drawings from his extensive study of the American lobster. This sampling of photos represents some of the best illustrations of the American lobster even today.