The lobster program has been working woth Dr. Barb Beltz of Wellesley University to study neurogenesis in lobster brains. Lately, we have been collaborating to determine the dietary effects on cell development in lobster brains. To date, we have determined that omega-3 fatty acids will influence neurogenesis, but have yet to determine the exact nature of this control. We have also just begun to explore what functional significance this has for the young lobsters.

To date, we have published 2 papers on this, but expect more in the near future.

Beltz BS, Tlusty MF, Benton J,  Sandeman D. 2007. Omega-3 fatty acids upregulate adult neurogenesis  J NeuroSci Letters. 415: 154-158.

Beltz BS, Tlusty MF, Benton J,  Sandeman D. 2006. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Influence the Rate of Adult Neurogenesis  in the Lobster, Homarus americanus. Mt Desert Isl Bio Lab Abstracts 45: 104-106.