As the demand for farm-raised seafood increases, we must address the environmental, political and technological issues inherent to this industry. We strive to build consensus and develop standards for best practices within the aquaculture industry by working with various stakeholders, including environmental groups, the scientific community and the fishing industry.

Best Managment Practices and Standards

Best management plans and standards are methods to assure that operations comply with predefined goals. These methods are typically used to assure that environmental impacts are limited, although they may also include social and economic aspects. The development of BMPs and Standards is a rapidly growing area of aquaculture management.

Consensus Building

In an industry as large and complex as commercial aquaculture, consensus building can often be one of the largest hurdles to overcome. We listen to and mediate between the public, environmental groups, local, federal, and state governments, the seafood industry and the scientific community. By working collaboratively, we help develop management plans that address all concerns.
We sponsored a workshop in January 2001 to clarify the barriers and address the challenges facing the development of sustainable marine aquaculture.

The conference focused on four areas:

  • Impacts on habitats
  • Interactions between cultured and wild species
  • Mechanisms for building consensus for action among stakeholders
  • Effects on marine animals, birds, and invertebrates

Download a copy of the workshop report (pdf, 2mb)