Nationwide, the demand for seafood is increasing. As many wild-caught fisheries decline due to population collapses and environmental damages, the expansion of U.S. aquaculture is inevitable. Our aquaculture program is helping the industry develop in a sustainable manner by addressing common problems, investigating new technologies and bringing stakeholders together to reach common ground and work toward jointly derived goals.

Aquaculture Best Practices and Consensus Building

We strive to build consensus and develop standards for best practices within the aquaculture industry by working with various stakeholders, including environmental groups, the scientific community and the fishing industry.

Ornamental Fishes Aquaculture Program

Ornamental fish are frequently raised in aquaculture facilities for eventual sale to aquarium hobbyists. As one of the only ornamental fishes aquaculture research programs, we investigate the benefits and risks of this industry, including conservation and environmental impacts.

American Lobster Research Program

Through our American Lobster Research Program, we investigate the biology, behavior and physiology of larval and juvenile lobsters. We hatch and raise lobsters in our onsite facility and pursue research that addresses questions regarding growth, nutrition, development and disease.