Presentations from the 2008 Meeting

Mitigating Marine Mammal Bycatch in Northeast Commercial Fishing Operations (pdf 1 MB)

Gouveia, National Marine Fisheries Service

Bycatch Communication Network (pdf 132 KB)


Strategies to Reduce Shark Depredation and Unwanted Bycatch in Pelagic Longline Fisheries (pdf 696 KB)

Gilman, Blue Ocean Institute

The Bureau of Rural Sciences (pdf 252 KB)

Stewardson, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

UNH/OE Endeavors (pdf )

Baldwin, University of New Hampshire

Developing Solutions to Seabird Mortality in Washington and Alaskan Fisheries (pdf 2.4 MB)

Melvin, Dietrich, Wainstein, University of Washington

Trawl Bycatch in Europe and the NECESSITY Project (pdf 1.5 MB)

Northridge, University of St. Andrews

Bycatch Mitigation of Franciscana Dolphins Pontoporia blainvillei in Argentina (pdf 1.1 MB)

Bordino, Aqua Marina

Experimental Rope Testing in the Maine Lobster Fishery (pdf 1.1 MB)

McCarron, Maine Lobstermen's Association

Fishing Gear Development, Modification, and Testing at the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources (CSAR) (pdf 252 KB)

Marine Institute