Presentations from the 2009 Meeting

Engineering Bycatch Solutions for Large Whales -- What Have We Learned? (pdf 1.2 MB)

Baldwin, Center for Ocean Engineering, University of New Hampshire

Sea Turtle Entanglements in Buoy Lines (pdf 5.2 MB)

Dodge, Large Pelagics Research Center, University of New Hampshire

Shark Bycatch and Depredation in Longline Fisheries: Progress and Research Gaps in Reducing Shark Interactions (pdf 3.4 MB)

Mandelman, Edgerton Research Laboratory

Maine Lobster Industry Field Testing of Experimental Vertical and Ground Lines (pdf 1.5 MB)

McCarron, Maine Lobstermen's Association

Interactions Between Pilot Whales and Pelagic Longlines: Lessons Learned and Future Plans (pdf 6.1 MB)

Read, et al, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

Trapped on Monhegan? An Experimental Approach to Maine's Largest Fishery (pdf 11.1 MB)

Wilson, NOAA and Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation