The accidental capture of untargeted species by fishermen—known as bycatch—is one of the greatest threats facing many endangered marine animals, including sea turtles and whales.


Bycatch Overview

Bycatch affects practically every species in the ocean, and is the leading threat faced by many endangered animals. More...

Conservation Engineering: Experimental Fishing Gear to Reduce Bycatch

Many marine animals apart from the ones principally targeted for capture by fishermen get caught and killed in fishing gear. We are working with fishermen, engineers, and marine biologists to research and develop fishing techniques that reduce this bycatch of endangered non-target marine species. More...

Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction

The Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction brings together experts in marine biology, engineering and fishing to identify and develop practical solutions for reducing bycatch. Find out more and search the online database of bycatch reduction methods.

Bycatch Survival

We conduct species-specific investigation into the physiology of bycaught fishes and their post-release survivability. By increasing our understanding of how fishes respond to capture, we  will be able to inform efforts to increase the post-release survival rate of bycaught fishes.

Celebrate Seafood

Your seafood choices matter. Some types of seafood are more environmentally friendly than others. The New England Aquarium’s Celebrate Seafood program will help you choose seafood that is good for you and the environment. The Aquarium also offers resources to help you identify ocean-friendly seafood choices. Learn how to pick ocean-friendly seafood species and get tons of great recipes.