The New England Aquarium collaborates with fishermen and the seafood industry to minimize the environmental impacts of fishing, and reaches out to consumers to help educate the public about responsible seafood choices.

Sustainable Seafood Programs

Promoting ocean-friendly seafood choices and encouraging the responsible management of our fisheries. Includes our aquatic forum series and Celebrate Seafood.

Celebrate Seafood

Choose seafood that is good for you and good for the environment.
Learn how to make ocean-friendly seafood choices and get delicious recipes.

Sustainable Seafood Advisory Services

The Aquarium advises members of the seafood industry to encourage the development of ocean-friendly aquaculture and wild-caught fishery operations.

Bycatch program

The Aquarium is working to reduce the impact and frequency of bycatch of non-targeted species in commercial and recreational fisheries through marine conservation engineering and the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction.

Aquaculture program

Developing sustainable aquaculture through research, observation and collaboration with industry and conservation organizations. Includes best practices and certification as well as research on American lobster aquaculture and ornamental fisheries.