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This Month's Featured Seafood

U.S. Farm-raised rainbow trout

U.S. farmed rainbow trout is considered an environmentally friendly seafood choice. These fish are most commonly raised in raceways, which are essentially artificial streams. Most trout farms rely on gravity to pull water from natural streams into the concrete raceways. The water runs through a series of raceways and is often filtered to remove waste products before being released back into the natural stream. Some trout farms may affect the environment immediately around the farm because when water leaves trout farms, it is returned to local streams and lakes. This water may be over-enriched with nutrients leftover from trout feed and waste. If there are too many extra nutrients in the water, the local water quality may be affected, leading to increased algae growth in neighboring ponds and streams. U.S. trout farms are monitored and regulated in order to ensure that this does not become a problem. Therefore choosing U.S. farmed rainbow trout ensures an environmentally responsible seafood choice. There are, of course, individual farms in other countries that also have high environmental standards, look for those products that highlight their environmentally responsible actions.
Try pan-seared U.S farm-raised rainbow trout with hush puppies and roasted tomato salsa or wild onion and lemon stuffed U.S. farm-raised rainbow trout with balsamic glaze.