When you partner with the New England Aquarium, you gain access to our science-based species evaluations and recommendations. Additional benefits include annual updates for existing reports, outreach products to help educate your public, training opportunities for seafood clerks and managers and ongoing evaluations of new management and oversight programs. The Aquarium will also serve as your intermediary with environmental advocacy organizations.

New England Aquarium sustainable seafood partners have access to the following services and benefits:

  • Detailed sustainability information and purchasing recommendations for individual seafood species.
  • Support during the implementation and integration of purchasing recommendations.
  • New and ongoing research and reports specifically tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Training opportunities for point-of-purchase staff and managers.
  • Assistance and support with the development of public outreach materials, including consumer brochures, annual reports, and web-based publications.
  • Aid in communicating program findings and company actions to a broad range of audiences, from the media to the environmental community, and in a diversity of settings, from internal meetings to global conferences and tradeshows.
  • Support in developing metrics for monitoring purchasing practices and buying specifications to quantify the program’s impact within your company.
  • Support in navigating the environmental advocacy community.
  • Access to staff of skilled professionals with extensive experience working on sustainability and environmental responsibility from a scientific and conservation perspective.