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Entry for August 6, 2007

We made only about 100 miles in the first 18 hours, partly because we spent as much time going up and down as we did traveling horizontally across the surface. The waves have died a bit, and the wind has shifted slightly southeasterly, so we are taking the seas more from the stern. This is a more comfortable ride, and it allows everyone to settle back into a routine. Allison served lunch in the cabins, as it was still too rough to sit sideways (relative to the motion of the boat) in the salon.

In the afternoon, the sky opened up, and we saw our first sunshine in many days. We were surrounded by southern Royal albatrosses and Cape petrels, gliding over the wave tops and into the wind with apparently no effort. The seas were still substantial, but almost completely astern of us. Steve and crew raise sails, and the Evohe jumps to almost 10 knots of speed. Finally almost everyone emerged from their cabins and shared an outstanding meal (made by Captain Steve!) of beef stroganoff, mashed potatoes, and cabbage. A welcome break from the enforced fasting due to the seas! Night fell on the Evohe wheelhouse with serenades of 70’s tunes by Brian and Mauricio.

Quote of the Day (Re: the roaring forties)

“These are latitudes with a bad attitude.”  Roz Rolland