Did you know that penguins and polar bears do not interact in the wild? Find out why in our penguin discovery program! Turn your students into penguins! Aquarium educators will teach children how to act like penguins, and how to collect and analyze data like scientists. In addition to learning about penguin behavior, students will discover the variety of penguin species found at the New England Aquarium and throughout the Southern Hemisphere. This program is for grades 1 – 5. It does not involve live animals.

What type of animal is a penguin? Why are they black and white? Where do they live? All these questions and more will be answered during our interactive and hands-on class.

As a community organization in Boston and Cambridge, you may qualify for a free traveling program. If you think your organization might qualify, please fill out the community outreach application form or contact the Aquarium's Community Programs department at 617-973-0281 or communityprograms@neaq.org.