Did you know that the largest fish in the ocean, whale sharks, do not use teeth to eat? Learn what—and how —sharks eat! This program is for grades 3 – 8.. It does not include live animals.

Many people find sharks to be the most intriguing and frightening animals in the ocean. But are all the shark stories we hear true? Are all sharks the same? Through a discussion and a series of hands-on activities, participants will look at shark fact and fiction.

Children will touch real shark jaws and skin, identify the biggest and smallest sharks, and learn about the many special adaptations of sharks, including their sight, sense of smell, and ability to sense vibration and electrical currents.

If you think your organization might qualify, please fill out the community outreach application form or contact the Aquarium's Community Programs department at 617-973-0281 or communityprograms@neaq.org.