We have many opportunities for visitors to interact with our animals during Aquarium visits and as part of school and family programs.

During a Visit

Make sure to visit our hands-on areas for kids, like the Edge of the Sea touch tank featuring local tidepool animals. You also don't want to miss our live animal presentations and seal trainings. See our daily schedule to make your plans.

Animal Encounter Programs

For an additional cost, you can get in the water with a seal, perch on top of the four-story Giant Ocean Tank to feed the animals or go behind the scenes of your favorite exhibits. The New England Aquarium's immersive Animal Encounter programs take your visit to a whole new level.

Family Programs and Programs for Children

Family programs that get you up-close with the animals include Family Day activities and Harbor Discoveries Summer Camps. Blue Discoveries Family Day happens once a month with hours of activities about ocean animals. Some members-only events also have hands-on activities.

Volunteering and Internships

For teenagers and adults, volunteering can be a great way to be involved with our animals and learn more about their care. For those interested in careers in the marine sciences, internships can give you great work experience.

School and Community Programs

Every year, the Aquarium provides thousands of kids from schools and community groups hands-on access to Aquarium animals. Community outreach programs with live animals include our popular traveling tidepool exhibit. Live animal programs are available as classroom programs as well.