ClimaTeens is a group of dedicated 14 – 18 year-olds who care about the oceans and who want to contribute to a healthy future. Teens in the program arrive with various levels of knowledge about climate change, but they are united by a desire to learn more about it as an issue of concern and are committed to learning ways to engage public audiences, particularly their peers. Each fall we select a cohort of teens to learn and then communicate about climate change to peers and community members.

Who should become a ClimaTeen?

This group is open to any teen who is:

  • concerned about ocean and climate issues and wants to help develop solutions to prevent harmful impacts
  • excited about learning and wants to contribute toward a group learning process
  • motivated and will work independently when asked
  • ready to read about oceans and climate issues
  • will support goals developed by the group and will act as an active participant
  • looking forward to connecting with other teens who are passionate about protecting the ocean familiar with the Aquarium’s teen programming


Starting in October and running through the beginning of July, the ClimaTeens meet at the Aquarium for two hours on the first and third Thursday of every month. There will be additional opportunities to participate in and to present at conferences. You must be able to attend 75 percent of the meetings to remain in the group. This group is like a club or educational course so no volunteer hours will be awarded to participants.


The application period for the 2014–2015 ClimaTeens session is now closed. If you've missed the application period and are looking to get involved, check out the live blue™ Ambassador program.



One goal of the ClimaTeens program is to inspire people to take action in order to live blue™. For example, the Aquarium offers a number of good ideas and suggestions for how one might make a difference in support of a healthy ocean.

If you've heard a talk by the ClimaTeens, we are curious to know if you've been inspired to take two very particular direct actions to combat climate change. If you are interested in learning more or participating, please click here.



Contact Us

Feel free to email with questions or comments. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on ClimaTeens presentations!

Get Involved

Want to contribute your ideas to help the City of Boston build its climate action plan? Join the conversation and share your ideas!

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