The Amazing Jellies kit is available for loan from our Teacher Resource Center. It complements the activities described in the Amazing Jellies teacher guide and the Aquarium's Amazing Jellies exhibit.

For your convenience, there is a pdf version of the Amazing Jellies teacher materials, which includes information about the Amazing Jellies kit, the activities from Amazing Jellies teacher guide and the services of the Aquarium's Teacher Resource Center.

Most materials necessary for each activity are included in the kit. The kit does not, however, include common school supplies such as scissors, crayons, glue, etc. The materials in the kit are durable but need to be handled with care.

Please be sure that items are returned to the kit at the end of the unit by checking them against the inventory list.

Kit inventory list

  • Kit Guide for Teachers
  • Books
    Amazing Jellies: Jewels of the Sea
    Sea Jellies: From Corals to Jellyfish
    Jellies—The Life of Jellyfish
    Jellyfish and Kin of the Mid-Atlantic Coast
    Jellyfish: Inside Out
    Floating Jellyfish
  • Video
    Jellies: Phantoms of the Deep
  • Size Reels
    Size cards, rulers (4) and ball of string (does not need to be returned)
  • Shapes and Colors Activity
    Red plastic folder with large photographs (6)
  • Jelly Fact Cards
    Purple plastic folder with large fact cards (11)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Jelly Puppets (2)
  • Jelly domino cards
  • Jelly Simulation
    Packets of gelatin*
  • Create Your Own Jelly
    Coffee filters, ribbon, yarn (do not need to be returned)
  • Memory Game
    Blue plastic folder containing game key and cards
  • Jelly Anatomy Puppets
    Hand puppet, finger puppet
  • Jelly Life Cycle Felt Board and Poster
    Poster, felt board and pieces to build jelly life cycle
  • Food Chain and Food Pyramid
    Food chain cards (16), white plastic folder containing
    Instructions for Activities 11, 12A and 12B
  • The Predator-Prey Relationship of Jellies
    Bag of small beads, clear plastic cups (8), larger plastic cups (4) and large plastic bowls (2)
  • Jellies In My Ocean (Tarp Game)
    Tarp, dice (4), cards (11) and large glass beads