This guide provides information and basic lesson plans for different grade levels. Facts and general information on jellies, as well as additional activities for all grade levels and a role-playing activity for grades 9-12 are also included. These activities complement the Amazing Jellies kit, which contains most materials necessary for these activities, and enhances any visit to the Aquarium's Amazing Jellies exhibit.

Guide contents

For your convenience, there is a pdf version of this guide, which also includes details about the Amazing Jellies kit and the services of the Aquarium's Teacher Resource Center.

Amazing Jellies kit

Information Sheets


These activities use materials from the Amazing Jellies Kit, which is available for loan to teachers and other educators from our Teacher Resource Center. They are described in detail in the pdf version of this guide.

Shape, size, color and anatomy activities

  • Size Reels (Grades 6-8)
  • Shapes and Colors (Grades PreK-5)
  • Jelly Fact Cards (Grades PreK-8)
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Jelly Puppets (Grades PreK-8)
  • Jelly Dominoes (Grades PreK-5)
  • Jelly Simulation (Grades PreK-5)
  • Create Your Own Jelly (Grades PreK-5)
  • Memory Game (Grades PreK-5)
  • Jelly Anatomy Puppets (Grades PreK-5)

Life cycle activties

  • Jelly Life Cycle Felt Board and Poster (Grades PreK-8)

Predator-prey activities

  • Food Chain and Food Pyramid (Grades PreK-5)
  • The Predator-Prey Relationship of Jellies (Grades PreK-8)
  • The Predator-Prey Relationship of Jellies (Grades PreK-8)

Adaptation activities

  • Jellies In My Ocean (Tarp Game) (Grades PreK-8)