AqProg FT1We offer a wide range of programs to add to your Aquarium visit.

IMAX Programs for Field Trips

IMAX films provide students of all ages with larger-than-life experiences, perfect for capturing students' imaginations. Concession packs and teacher guides for IMAX films are also available.

Whale Watch for Field Trips

Want to see where we keep the really big animals? Join us for an incredible whale watching experience! See our Whale Watch page for details or get instructions for Whale Watch on field trips.

Explorer Classes

These classes focus on a variety of topics, including marine mammals, sharks, tidepool animals or penguins. Most of these classes can also come to your school as classroom programs.

AqProgram FT3Behind-the-scenes Tours for Field Trips

It’s your turn to get a sneak peek at the life behind the glass. Join an educator for a personalized tour of one of our many galleries. You’ll learn what the animals eat, how their tanks are maintained and many other fascinating animal tidbits.