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The films currently available for screening are:

To the Arctic 3D

Discover the softer side of the frozen North as you tag along with a mother polar bear and her two growing cubs in To the Arctic 3D on the largest screen in New England. Join the trio as they struggle to survive and thrive in a frigid environment of immense glaciers, spectacular waterfalls, snow-bound peaks and melting ice. Plunge into icy waters to meet walrus, dodge ice floes and learn what makes this harsh ecosystem an important part of our blue planet.




Born to Be Wild 3D

Orphaned orangutans and elephants flourish and return to the wild with the help of inspiring human caregivers in Born to Be Wild 3D, with narrator Morgan Freeman. The film draws viewers into inspiring stories of love and dedication, highlighting the heartwarming bonds between orphaned animals and their human foster mothers. Let the Simons IMAX Theatre transport you to the lush rainforests of Borneo and the dusty Kenyan savannah to meet the extraordinary people who rescue and raise these wild orphans—saving endangered species one life at a time.



Under the Sea 3D

Under the Sea 3D will transport moviegoers to some of the most exotic and isolated undersea locations on Earth, including South Australia, New Guinea and other places in the Indo-Pacific region, allowing them to experience face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea. It will offer a uniquely inspirational and entertaining way to explore the impact that global climate change has had on the ocean wilderness.



Hubble 3D

Blast off with brave NASA astronauts to experience the magnitude and mystery of outer space on the largest screen in New England. Hubble 3D takes you and your family on an awe-inspiring journey through brilliant galaxies where stars are born. Reach out and grab a handful of stardust deep inside the universe. Spend time with the shuttle astronauts during a suspenseful space walk. Marvel at the beautiful speck of earth and ocean that we call home. This family-friendly space odyssey, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, pushes the boundaries of space as we know it. See it all in stunning IMAX 3D at the Simons IMAX Theatre.



Deep Sea 3D

This underwater adventure will transport you deep below the ocean surface. See the mysterious Humboldt squid in the Sea of Cortez, mola molas near Catalina Island, sea jellies off Monterey, sea turtles in Hawaii, sand tiger sharks in North Carolina, coral reefs in the Bahamas and octopuses in British Columbia. This is as close to scuba diving as you can get without getting wet!

  • Teacher Resource Guide:
  • Concepts: Ecosystems, marine communities, interdependence of organisms, biodiversity, conservation, animal adaptations, effects of human activity
  • Suggested for grades 2-12.


Sharks 3D presented in IMAX 3D

Sharks 3D shows sharks as they actually are: not wicked, manhungry creatures, but wild animals that happen to be the most complex predators on Earth. IMAX 3D brings your class into the water with hammerheads, great whites and the biggest fish in the sea—the whale shark.

  • Teacher Resource Guide:
  • Concepts: Ecosystems and marine communities, interdependence of organisms, biodiversity, animal adaptations and behavior, life-cycles, food webs, conservation, extinction of species
  • Suggested for Grades 2-12


Into the Deep 3D

Surrounded by the sound of gulls and surf, you’ll slip gently into the cool blue sea during your immersion in Into the Deep 3D. Your students will dive into the kelp forests that grow in the shallow waters along the coast of California, and learn the stories, lives and behaviors of the incredible marine animals that live there.

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

Get an unprecedented experience of this vast and little-explored dimension of our planet. Follow a team of scientists as they dive deep in the oceans in order to research mysterious hydrothermal vents in mid-ocean ridges in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The film reveals the fantastic diversity of the deep—its strange community of organisms, its shipwreck gardens, bioluminescent creatures and giant predators.