The New England Aquarium is excited to offer students interested in marine-related careers a FREE program to explore the many options in this field. Each program features presentations and activities from current staff members or other external partners to show the wide range of careers available. The programs will also feature ways to become an ocean steward in careers outside of the marine field.


Program Details

All programs are free and open to any students with generous support given by the Lowell Institute.

  • Participants will be able to tailor their experience to their own interests. Attend one lecture or all of them.
  • Each program includes the chance to hear from Aquarium staff members on a particular skill or topic. Staff will be on hand for questions and discussion following the presentation.
  • This is a program designed for individual students, school groups, scouts or youth groups.
  • Individuals who are over 13 may register themselves. Younger students may have a parent register for them. Look for the link under each program date to register.
  • Snacks are provided at no cost.


Check back soon to see what's coming up!

Don’t forget to check out our Aquarium Lecture Series for more great ideas about careers in the marine science field.

Previous Programs

Giant Ocean Tank: Where Do the Fish Come From?

Did you know that many of the most interesting specimens found in aquarium exhibits come from right in our own backyard ocean? For example, the residents at the Edge of the Sea Touch Tank exhibit can sometimes be found right in Boston Harbor. Even more interesting is the fact that every fall many tropical species found in the Giant Ocean Tank Exhibit actually make their way to New England via the Gulf Stream, a warm water current that flows up from the Caribbean.

Meet the Aquarium staff who are responsible for collecting for these exhibits and what it takes to house and care for such unique marine life. You will also learn about how climate change is impacting the ocean and causing many of these warm water species to linger in New England waters. Pizza will be provided.




Working with Sharks and Rays in the Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank

Interesting things happen in the Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank. From harvesting shark eggs to trimming the tails of the cownose rays, aquarist have a lot to do each day. Attendees learned more about this special exhibit and how to start a career as an aquarist with these interesting animals. We visited the Touch Tank exhibit with staff guides, which will be followed by a presentation.


Working with an Endangered Species: Protecting the Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon

When: Tuesday November 18, 6:00-7:30 pm
Where: Harborside Learning Lab, Ocean Center
Cost: FREE
Ages: 10 and up, parents are welcome

Are you interested in learning about how to protect an endangered species? Come meet Edith Carson, who started at the Aquarium as a young teen and continued to pursue her passion for marine science all the way to a contractor position with NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service in Gloucester. Experience the unique qualities of sturgeon while also hearing about how Edith’s career journey led to her current job protecting sturgeon through the Endangered Species Act. Edith was in your shoes not that long ago and is eager to answer your questions. Pizza will be provided.


Turning animal care into a career: Raising zebrafish as learning tools

When: Tuesday December 9, 6:00-7:30 pm
Where: Harborside Learning Lab, Ocean Center
Cost: FREE
Ages: 10 and up, parents are welcome

Interested in animal husbandry? Come discover how caring for tiny zebrafish is leading to advances in human health. Due to their close similarity to the human genome, zebrafish are rapidly becoming the animal of choice for research on human diseases. Come meet Shaun O’Laughlin whose love of fish led to a career where he is in charge of raising, feeding, breeding and basic care of zebrafish as well as keeping a working science lab clean and disease- free. Shaun is enthusiastic about his work and looking forward to answering your questions. Pizza will be provided.


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