Linking a student's experience in the classroom to their visit at New England Aquarium

Classroom Connections

• Encourages students to make the association between their      classroom studies and the purpose for visiting the New England Aquarium.
• Enhances communication and critical thinking among classmates and chaperones.
• Integrates subject matters and is connected to both national and MA Standards.

Before Your Visit

• Introduce youself and your students to the Aquarium with a Field Trip Preparation Workshop and/or Orientation Presentation.
• Invite a program educator to your classroom to lead you through an interactive tour of the Aquarium and guide your students through a hands-on activity.
• Reiterate or introduce specific concepts with one of our suggested lessons and/or activities.

During Your Visit

• Be greeted by a program educator who can also assist you with any last minute questions or concerns.
• Encourage exploration and participation in a suggested activity for greater structure and connections to subject matter.

After Your Visit

• Complete a suggested follow-up activity to encourage further investigation and classroom discussions.
• Invite a program educator to your classroom to answer your students’ questions and lead a concept-based activity to add greater closure to your visit.

Contact and Pricing Information

If you are interested in learning more about Classroom Connections or making a reservation please contact Rebekah Stendahl by phone at 617-973-6580 or by email at

Aquarium visits to your school cost $150 per classroom. The consultation, suggested activities and lessons are available free of charge.