Turn your students into penguins! Aquarium educators will teach children how to act like penguins and how to collect and analyze data like scientists. In addition to learning about penguin behavior, students will discover the variety of penguin species found at the New England Aquarium and throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Program can take place at the Aquarium or at your school or community center.

  • Offered for grades 1-5
  • 10 – 30 students per session
  • 45 mins.
  • Offered as a classroom program, $400 for up to three sessions, $75 per additional session, plus mileage and booking fees.
  • Offered as an Explorer Class for Aquarium field trips, $5 per child (minimum of 10 students)

This program was developed in collaboration with TERC to meet National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards.

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (as a guideline)

  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics