This program for ages 12 months to 3 years allows toddlers to explore the textures, shapes and movements of different live tidepool animals. Program can take place at the Aquarium or at your school or community center.

  • Offered for ages under 3 years to Pre-K.
  • 10–20 students per session
  • 20–30 mins.
  • Offered as a classroom program, $400 for up to three sessions, $75 per additional session, plus mileage and booking fees.
  • Offered as an Explorer Class at the Aquarium for field trips, $5 per child (minimum of 10 students)
  • Involves live animals

PreK through grade 1 classes can book Tidepools Alive! For classes of second graders, book the Tidepool Adaptations.

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (as a guideline)

  • Life Science