The Teacher Resource Center was founded in 1987 to help teachers meet their aquatic and ocean education needs, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to environmental and place-based education.

Our collection builds on the contributions of teachers like you, and in particular has benefited from our longstanding association with the Massachusetts Marine Educators (MME). Items date as far back as the 19th century and include current reinvention of hands-on inquiry and standards-based education materials.

Today we serve nearly 3,000 educators a year, providing free individualized consultation and access to one of the largest curriculum collections in the region and a 6,000-item collection of loan materials. Our audience includes teachers— broadly defined to include the preK-12 community as well as home schoolers, park rangers, camp counselors and other out-of-school instructors. Most visitors are located in New England, but some come to us from around the world, and our materials can be shipped both nationwide and overseas.