The Teacher Resource Center provides teaching materials, books, posters, curriculum guides, theme-based kits and biofacts, all of which are available by loan.

The TRC is open Monday through Saturday from September to May and Monday through Friday from June to August. We are frequently off-site with other programs, so please call 617-973-6590 or email to make an appointment. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you!

Our resources include:

  • Download the printable Schooling catalog with information on teaching resources and classroom programs.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date hands-on inquiry and standards-based curricula, activities and
    lesson plans available for reference. (Photocopies can be made for a nominal fee.)
  • Circulating books including science non-fiction, juvenile fiction, published curricula and field guides.
  • Kits containing specimens, books, audiovisual materials and activities suitable for classroom
    learning. Includes topics such as whales, jellies, penguins, sharks, coral reefs, rain forests, tidepools, and many more.
  • On-line worksheets and activities specific to the Aquarium.
  • Hundreds of videos, audiocassettes and CD-ROMS available for loan at no charge. Videos can be previewed during an appointment at the TRC.
  • Items to borrow that let your students hear the ocean surf, try on a “blubber glove” to learn how whales keep warm, feel the sharp edge of a fossil shark tooth, or wear the shell of a sea turtle that once nested on a Caribbean beach. Includes colorful puppets and games.
  • From protected species, contraband items that were seized by the government such as whale bones, baleen, shells, corals and taxidermy mounts — that students may touch. (Borrowers are legally responsible for safe and timely return of items borrowed.)