Location: Simons IMAX Theatre

Pioneering manta ray and community-based conservation in Peru

Kerstin Forsberg, Founder and Director, Planeta Océano

One of the world’s largest populations of giant manta rays migrates into Peru. However, mantas in Peru had been severely overlooked and were exposed to unregulated fisheries. Since 2012, Kerstin Forsberg has been leading initiatives to pioneer manta ray conservation in Peru in partnership with local fishing communities and international organizations. Her team’s comprehensive efforts have included researching manta harvest and occurrence, building local awareness and engaging artisanal fishermen in community-based manta eco-tourism. Building upon this work, and after two years working with the Peruvian government, Forsberg led the effort to secure full legal protection for manta rays in Peru. Join Kerstin Forsberg as she shares the story of her ground-breaking work with mantas, and describes how her organization, Planeta Océano, is growing into a model for community-based conservation.