Location: Simons IMAX Theatre

Sharks in Danger: Silver Fins and a Silver Lining?

Mark Smith, Vice President of Animal Care, New England Aquarium and John Mandelman, Ph.D., Vice President, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life, New England Aquarium

Shark! We hear the word, and our senses heighten with fear-inducing images of scything fins and serrated teeth. But what is the truth about these frequently vilified denizens of the deep? Join New England Aquarium scientists Mark Smith and John Mandelman for a deeper look at the shark: their cultural impact, their diversity and biology, and, in the context of marine conservation and human interactions, how we should be terming it “shark attacked” rather than “shark attack.”

Finally, learn more about some of the amazing scientific and tireless advocacy work fighting to counteract the mounting conservation threats facing these majestic animals around the globe, as well as a preview of shark-related offerings in the spring lecture series, and work out of the Aquarium’s new Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life.