Dive into the tropical waters of a Pacific coral reef and get to know some of the rainbow-colored fishes that call it home.


This 5,100-gallon exhibit houses nearly 70 different kinds of tropical reef fishes. Coral cat sharks, epaulette sharks, unicorn tangs, bird wrasses, and blue-striped cleaner fish dart through this exhibit in an amazing display of colors and shapes. Children will delight at the palette surgeonfish, which they will recognize as Dory from Finding Nemo. Try to find the sharks as they hide beneath the corals, and watch the rockmover wrasse build his home of coral and rock rubble.

school of fish swim amoungst Pacific coral


Coral reefs are some of the most diverse habitats in the world, and the reefs in the tropical Pacific are the most amazing of all. Scientists believe that coral actually evolved in the tropical Pacific Ocean, largely because the reefs there are more diverse and complex than anywhere else in the world. This exhibit is constructed of artificial coral, expertly designed and painted by Aquarium artists.

Coral exhibit