The Aquarium is a global leader in saving endangered turtles.

This new interactive exhibit in the lower level of the West Wing will give you hands-on experience with the process of diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating these fascinating animals.

Join the Turtle Rescue Team!

Interact with our charming replica sea turtles and you’ll learn what it takes to save these endangered species. Listen to the heartbeat of a cold-stunned sea turtle, just rescued from a beach on Cape Cod. Then hear what a healthy turtle sounds like after months of rehabilitation. See what kinds of diagnostic tests are performed on our patients and the treatments they need to get better. You can even try your hand at feeding!

Child at Sea Turtle Hospital


Informative panels also illustrate how communities are coming together to protect turtle habitats. Videos tell the fascinating stories about the Aquarium’s sea turtle rescue success stories, including the rescue and rehabilitation of a leatherback sea turtle—the largest species of sea turtle—and the Aquarium’s turtle conservation efforts around the world.

Child at Sea Turtle Hospital