Apply now for: Summer 2015
Time commitment: The intern will commit 2-3 days per week for a period of 12 weeks with a flexible Monday Friday schedule (except Tuesdays)

Position Summary:


The New England Aquarium is seeking an intern to assist the Conservation Department with administration of Sustainable Seafood Programs, The Marine Conservation Action Fund, and the Phoenix Islands Protected Area. The intern will split their time between projects such as the one described below and other administrative tasks.  


One of the intern’s primary projects will be to  develop a database of organizations that fund international marine conservation projects. The finished database will be a resource for former grantees of NEAq’s Marine Conservation Action Fund (MCAF) who seek continued funding for their projects after the MCAF grant period has ended. The position will involve conducting research via the internet, email and telephone to create a database that includes, for example, the funder’s contact information, web address, typical award size and types of work funded. The intern must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and in conducting internet research.  


Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Assist in the conservation efforts of NEAq
·         Conduct thorough internet research and prospecting
·         Assists with communication via email and telephone to develop, grow, and implement programs
·         Enters and manages Microsoft Excel database
·         Understand and facilitate project management
·         Other administrative duties including scanning and filing
·         Handles a large volume of telephone and email inquiries
·         Provides exceptional and engaging customer service in all interactions                                                 ·         Attend two professional development lunches with the Volunteer Programs and Internships Office



·         A candidate must possess experience with prioritizing tasks, the ability to multi-task, and be flexible
·         An ideal candidate is a quick learner who can quickly implement new skills
·         Candidates must be independent but able to work well in team environment
·         Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other related programs
·         Excellent communication skills


Organizational Description:

The New England Aquarium’s mission is to protect the blue planet through hands-on programs, live animal and interactive exhibits, public lectures and forums, and research and conservation projects. Programs emphasize species, habitats and issues critical to New England. The Aquarium is also a pioneer in marine animal rescue and a leading ocean conservation organization with research scientists working around the globe. The New England Aquarium serves as a responsive community resource that attracts and involves the broadest possible audience; seeks a culturally diverse staff and governing board that reflect our community; adheres to the highest standards of animal stewardship; and is committed to delivering the highest quality visitor experience in a welcoming and enjoyable manner that evokes wonder, curiosity, understanding, caring and action.

Department Description:

The New England Aquarium is a leading force in ocean conservation.  From leading expeditions to some of the most remote places on the planet to creating real change on the water through engagement with the international seafood industry, the New England Aquarium’s Conservation Department has a vast array of projects that are all dedicated to solving the most challenging problems facing the oceans today. A key conservation initiative is the Sustainable Seafood Programs, which aim to protect the world's ocean resources by raising public awareness and by working with the seafood industry to promote sustainable wild-capture fisheries and aquaculture operations. Another key program, the Marine Conservation Action Fund, helps to protect and promote marine biodiversity through small-scale, time sensitive, community-based programs. The program has supported more than 100 small-scale, high-impact projects in 30+ countries and has disbursed upwards of $600,000 for the conservation of endangered species and habitats. For more information, go to


To Apply:

            Please see our internship website for specific application requirements. Our website can be found here.