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Time commitment: The intern will commit 2-3 days per week for a period of 12 weeks with a flexible schedule

Position Summary:

The New England Aquarium is seeking an intern to assist the Research Department with an exciting new project involving animal behavior in hermit crabs. Our research team has been given access to hours of unreleased video that will be featured in a documentary. The New England Aquarium will be using this footage for scientific purposes in order to study characteristics of specific animals. The intern will review, score, and categorize video footage of hermit crabs from the waters of Belize. They will thoroughly analyze the footage to identify animal behaviors and traits, sorting the clips for more efficient review by the researchers.

Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Conduct thorough reviews of video footage to identify and score animal behavior
·         Create accurate ethograms for animals based on behavior observed in the footage
·         Review and sort clips using programs such as iMovie
·         Assists with communication via email and telephone to facilitate research efforts of NEAq
·         Provide exceptional and engaging customer service to all internal and external stakeholders


·         An ideal candidate has knowledge of animal behavior and experience creating ethograms
·         Due to the confidential nature of the footage, the candidate must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement
·         Candidates must be able to work independently, and be highly focused with superior attention to detail
·         Proficiency in iMovie and other related programs
·         Excellent communication skills

Organizational Description:

The New England Aquarium’s mission is to protect the blue planet through hands-on programs, live animal and interactive exhibits, public lectures and forums, and research and conservation projects.
Programs emphasize species, habitats and issues critical to New England. The Aquarium is also a pioneer in marine animal rescue and a leading ocean conservation organization with research scientists working around the globe.

The New England Aquarium serves as a responsive community resource that attracts and involves the broadest possible audience; seeks a culturally diverse staff and governing board that reflect our community; adheres to the highest standards of animal stewardship; and is committed to delivering the highest quality visitor experience in a welcoming and enjoyable manner that evokes wonder, curiosity, understanding, caring and action.

 Department Description: 

Aquarium research programs increase understanding of aquatic life and environments, enable people to act, and provide leadership for protecting the blue planet. The research department strives to provide a science-based view to many of the problems facing both the New England Aquarium and the blue planet it strives to protect. The overall goal of the department is to conduct ground-breaking scientific investigations that can then lead to both changes in how we understand the blue planet as well as potential solutions for the ocean's ills.

To Apply:

Please see our internship website for specific application requirements. Our website can be found here