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Time commitment: 2 to 3 Days Per Week (9:00am - 5:00pm)

Position Summary:

The Sustainable Seafood Program is seeking two interns to assist our technical and business development staff with researching issues related to the environmental sustainability of seafood. We are looking for one intern to focus on aquaculture and improvements in certification standards and one intern to focus on the use of social media among target audiences. Sustainable Seafood Program internships are generally project based and will develop the applicant’s skills in research, sustainability, assessing the environmental impacts and mitigation strategies of fisheries and aquaculture, scientific writing, and presentation. The internship is ideal for those considering a career in conservation outreach, aquaculture research, policy, and management, or any environmental field.

 Current seafood projects that the intern may be involved in include: reviewing Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets to better understand the prevalence of communication on seafood sustainability from chefs, hotels, restaurants and others engaged in selling seafood.

Current aquaculture projects that the intern may be involved in include: Assessing how aquaculture certifications change overtime and how they reflect continuous improvement towards sustainability. The intern would compile the content of different revisions of prominent certification standards and display where changes have occurred, whether they reflect an increase in the “scope” of the content (i.e., the number of issues they cover) and/or the “scale” of the criteria (i.e., changing performance metrics from a 5 to a 3).


Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·         Internet-based data collection and compilation and synthesis of data related to seafood sustainability and certification

·         Writing short reports that provide actionable results to improve the sustainability of key species

·         Edit and proof read reports developed internally

·         Other miscellaneous duties include support of Sustainable Seafood Program initiatives

·         Please note: Project work may include access to confidential business information; candidates must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement



·         BA degree or higher preferred but will consider motivated, upper level BA degree candidates

·         Must have an interest in marine conservation and fisheries/aquaculture issues

·         Strong organizational and written communication skills are required

·         Highly computer literate, including familiarity with Microsoft programs and internet-based research skills

·         Professionalism and comfort working independently in an office environment are required

Organizational Description:

The New England Aquarium’s mission is to protect the blue planet through hands-on programs, live animal and interactive exhibits, public lectures and forums, and research and conservation projects.

Programs emphasize species, habitats and issues critical to New England. The Aquarium is also a pioneer in marine animal rescue and a leading ocean conservation organization with research scientists working around the globe.

The New England Aquarium serves as a responsive community resource that attracts and involves the broadest possible audience; seeks a culturally diverse staff and governing board that reflect our community; adheres to the highest standards of animal stewardship; and is committed to delivering the highest quality visitor experience in a welcoming and enjoyable manner that evokes wonder, curiosity, understanding, caring and action.

Department Description:

The decline of fish resources in the world’s oceans continues to be a significant global problem. The Aquarium is dedicated to combating these declines and reversing this trend through our Sustainable Seafood Programs by: (1) helping seafood businesses improve the environmental responsibility of their corporate decisions; (2) enhancing consumer awareness and action around issues related to seafood sustainability; and (3) advancing policy solutions to conserve and effectively manage global marine resources. As a world-class aquarium and conservation organization with more than ten years’ experience advising major seafood buyers on seafood sustainability, the Aquarium has and will continue to act as a catalyst for positive change.


To Apply:

Please see our internship website for specific application requirements. Our website can be found here