Apply now for: Recruiting for September 2015 to May 2016
Time commitment: At least 4 days per week for a Minimum of 6 weeks

The New England Aquarium offers a unique experience to veterinary technician students by offering the opportunity to work in both a museum/institutional setting and in the field of aquatic animal medicine.

The Animal Health Department at the New England Aquarium provides an optimal veterinary and preventive health program for collection and stranded/injured aquatic animals.  The department includes 2 full-time veterinarians, 1 certified veterinary technician, 2 biologists, a lab office supervisor, an environmental quality manager, and several water quality technicians. 

Six week rotations or longer are available to senior year or post-grad veterinary technician students from an accredited veterinary technician school.  Work at the main aquarium in Boston, MA along with the off-site Animal Care Center in Quincy, MA is required. 

The externship is a comprehensive introduction into aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.  Students will be exposed to fish, reptiles, environmental quality, marine animal rescue/rehabilitation, and possibly marine mammals and birds. 

Students are expected to complete assigned projects and produce a PowerPoint presentation on either a current case or a topic in aquatic animal medicine. 

To apply, send 2 copies of the following: Letter of intent, veterinary technician school transcript, and 2 letters of recommendation.

Please send the above materials to:

Attn: Veterinary Externship
Volunteer Programs & Internships
New England Aquarium
Central Wharf

Boston, MA 02110-3399 

Application Deadlines: 

Fall Semester Externships (Sept-Dec):  July 1st

Spring Semester Externships (Jan-May):  October 1

Summer Externships (May-Aug): February 16