The Summer Teen Internship Program is a great opportunity for teens to challenge themselves and learn useful skills while having fun and meeting new friends. The Aquarium offers paid and volunteer summer internships for Boston, Cambridge and suburban youth for one week of training and six weeks of work in July and August.

Program Highlights

  • Extensive training in marine science, climate science, public speaking and customer service
  • Opportunities to gain many skills including time management and responsibility
  • One week of training and six to seven weeks of work
  • Required attendance at Career Skills Workshop for first year teens and College Workshop for second year teens
  • Required attendance on Environmental Stewardship trips to places like the Boston Harbor Islands, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and other New England destinations
  • Optional Behind-the-Scenes Workshop and weekly social meetings on Tuesday nights

Program Requirements

City of Residence

Work Period

Hourly Wage

Hours Per Week


City Funding Application

Boston* June 27 - August 19 $10.00 25 15-18
Cambridge June 27 - August 19 $10.00 20


Suburban June 27 - August 19 Volunteer 25 15-18 n/a


How to Apply

Fill out an online application.

More Questions?

Check out the Youth Programs fact sheet (PDF 410KB). Please contact the Supervisor of Teen Programs at (617) 973-6745 or email us at if you have additional questions.

The Aquarium Teen Internship program is supported by Boston Youth Fund, Cambridge Office of Workforce Development, Germeshausen Foundation, State Street Foundation Inc. and Massachusetts Cultural Council. The New England Aquarium Teen Internship Program is also supported through the generous annual contributions of individuals.

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